My name is Dragos Oltean I am designer this site is my portofolio

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... that the internet as a medium and web design in particular changes the rules of the game. “An image is no longer worth a thousand words.”

Dragos Oltean

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How may I help? Well, I can help you with a general idea, concept and all the way to the finished product. It all depends on your vision and allocated budget.

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My name is Dragos Oltean, but what exactly is HTH? This is a state of mind and body that represents me. This is why I’m surrounded by a team of more than 50 friends who live and breathe for design – with whom I create and bring to life beautiful products. What can I say about myself? Basically, I’m a pretty freakin’ cool guy, searching for design projects, be it from full blown creative marketing teams or from common individuals who need my help. I enjoy any challenge in my quest to implement the best solution.

„From time to time go, relax a little, because when you come back, your judgment will be more accurate; if you will remain constant in the work, you will lose the power of judgment …”
Leonardo DaVinci


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As I was telling you, my name is Dragos. I’m a former performance athlete with a contagious dose of optimism, who 17 years ago stumbled upon my passion for design and reached the level of Art Director in one of the most prestigious publishing house (Sanoma Herst Romania).
Being a creative person, I built my career step by step, starting from DTP to layout to web designer and occasional photographer, traveling this path alongside other people. And in fact I realized that I love working with people, teams and individuals alike. To understand and to fulfill their dreams and share in their happiness. I’ve understood that I can do things differently than others and this is why I made my own concept. My motto and business philosophy is simply “Happy to Help”.
I consider each project and each person to be unique, making the design process pleasant for all of us. I quickly learned that when I work with a client in fact I work with a person and started to be very attentive and observant. The manner in which we communicate and the details we transmit are essential to the project’s success.
I learn quickly, finding solutions and adapting to the needs of the people with whom I work. I strive to perfect myself and ask the same from the members in my team. Knowledge makes the difference. I know very well what people believe about us as designers, that we know everything, but that’s just simply not true.
That is why I prefer to creatively collaborate in a way that brings forth the proper result.
I’m part of a group of designers that consider that some of the best solutions start from the simplest ideas.
My 10 years of experience in the Sanoma Hearst Romania Publishing House, for Beau Monde magazine, as well as Art Director, helps me in the creation of any magazine layout – be them fashion, beauty, science, culture or tabloids. While working for SHR Publishing House, I had the opportunity to also work for other national and international publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Romania and National Geographic Romania, as well as other representative projects for Home and Garden, Impact, Mall Inclusiv, Beau Monde Shop, Best Hair, Summer Beauty and countless others.
Some of the layout templates created and delivered were for Lux & Life, Newspapper, I Woman, I Man, Insight Tarom, She Tarom and others.
Another field that fall in my area of expertise is book pagination. It seems to be a simple task, DTP, but it’s a Sisyphean task requiring utmost attention. Starting with illustrated books: Carol Popp de Szathmari – The Bucharest’s Photographer, Bucharest – 550 Years since Attestation, Romania’s Natural Heritage, leading to book covers such as The Accident, The Origin of Dogs and animal domestication, Chronicles of Bucharest etc.
Still, I cannot forget my humble beginnings in DTP at Foss Advertising (as well as in Sanoma Hearst). I’ve done many simple projects, flyers, posters, CD covers and advertorials. Here I could also include the area of corporate identity/branding, where I’ve learned to work with people. The logotype and corporate image creation, as part of the design business has to be done by someone who specialized and has expertise in this particular field.
Here, I had the opportunity to work with talented marketing aficionados, connected to all the major brands on the market, from automotive to beauty and fashion.
My current field of focus, even though not new, is web design. Within it I found a different world. Web design is in no way connected to prepress design. Despite the challenges, I found my footing and starting to provide solutions for web platforms and sites. It’s different, it plays to a different tune, with other rules and principles, and frankly, I enjoy the provocation.
In view of my professional experience, I can now understand how to bring ideas to life and give real value to the products I create as part of HTH. All this being said, I know that many acquaintances and friends believe me to be a bohemian and idealistic, but I’m convinced that everything will be alright as long as we keep our promises and strive to create beautiful artifacts.
Intertwining these things, I became appreciative of beauty, passionate for drinking good coffee and mate tea while in my bubble of serenity. I love the sea, beautiful people, especially their smiles.
I’m funny with a sense of humor. I enjoy every moment and I’m glad to discover every person that I meet, because … that’s how I am.
On the path of life I reached a place I enjoy, surrounded by the people I like.
I love challenges because they help me in my evolutionary quest.





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